EMS Airflow Dental Spa- The premium teeth cleaning experience

EMS Airflow Dental Spa scaling and polishing
Before _ After AIRFLOW(1)

Do you have staining on your teeth because you like to drink coffee or smoke?

Afraid of the pain from conventional teeth scaling?

Having gum bleeding while brushing?

EMS Airflow Dental Spa might be the treatment that you need!

The innovative EMS Airflow Dental Spa is a Switzerland developed technology that utilizes an air polishing technique with one of the finest powders to clean plaque, staining on tartar on your teeth.

Welcome to a whole new world of EMS Airflow Dental Spa based on Guided Biofilm Therapy(GBT) Protocol developed in Switzerland.

First, Biofilm (plaque and calculi) on teeth are exposed with a dye solution (disclosing) prior to cleaning. It guided your hygienic or dentist to clean the Biofilm. So the biofilm can be remove minimally invasive EMS Airflow.

Next, Airflow polishing is carried out using one of the finest powders with smallest particle size  (14 microns) Airflow Plus powder available on the market to clean the biofilm.

For remaining hard, mineralised calculus, ultrasonic scaling is done using PIEZON NO PAIN™ scaler with variable vibrations which is comfortable to most patients.

Lastly, our doctor will educate you on the ways of maintaining your oral hygiene as it is paramount to your oral health.


before airflow dental spa scaling and polishing
Before Guided Biofilm Therapy
after airflow dental spa scaling and polishing
After Guided Biofilm Therapy

What Makes Airflow Dental Spa revolutionary compared with the traditional scaling and polishing ?

1. Eliminates discomfort and pain 

~Patient who have experienced this new method often say it feels like a massage.

2. Eliminates distressing vibrations, heat and smell

3. Gentle to teeth and soft tissue 

~Clinically proven to cause zero damage.

4. Therapy is guided by exposed Biofilm 

~Increase efficiency and save time as the dental hygienist or dentist can focus on areas that require cleaning.

5.Uses minimally invasive devises 

~No extra polishing with rubber cups and paste is necessary.

6. Removes even the most stubborn stains 

~Quickly and safely eliminates even stubborn discolorations without damaging dental substance.

dental clinic puchong

Smile Craft Dental Clinic Puchong is a GBT (Guided Biofilm Therapy) certified dental clinic by the Swiss Dental Academy. This signifies we are using the complete protocol of the scientifically proven guided biofilm therapy in our day to day scaling and polishing services, achieving excellence in basic preventive oral care.

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