Dental Implant

Dental implant
Dental implant

What happens if you don't replace your missing tooth?

Do you search about best dental implant malaysia then you are in right place. If you don’t replace your missing tooth or teeth, you may experience the following:

Misaligned Teeth.
When you have a gap in your mouth that was previously filled, the teeth around it may shift into the space, causing your teeth to become misaligned.

Bone Resorption
Going as little as 12 months with a missing tooth causes bone resorption. That is, bone density and height decrease and deteriorate almost immediately.

Benefits of Dental Implants

1) Keeps the function of natural teeth intact

  • You can keep the masticatory force as it was.
  • It is as comfortable as the original teeth.
  • You can be free from the discomfort of conventional dentures.

2) Keep remaining teeth healthy

  • Protect neighbouring teeth.
  • Prevent further gum damage and loss.
  • Maintain a healthy jaw.

3) Enjoy long term aesthetics

  • Excellent aesthetics.
  • Semi-permanent lifespan.
  • Very low possibility of new cavity creation.
Dental implant


Q. Can anyone have implants?

For adults with mature teeth , anyone can have this surgical procedure , regardless of age . However, if you are under following conditions , surgery procedure can be taken a little more time.

-Adolescent younger than 18 years old
-Severe gum disease
-High blood pressure , diabetes
-Critical disease , such as cancer
-Serious osteoporosis

Q. How painful are dental implants?

A. The procedure itself is not painful since it is performed with either general or local anaesthesia to completely numb the mouth. And most of the people, the recovery is not nearly as painful as they expected it to be, most of the time its less painful than a tooth extraction!

Q. Are dental implants guaranteed for life?

With regular brushing and flossing, the implant itself can last long as a natural tooth, assuming the patient receives regular dental check-ups. 

Cases in Smile Craft

1) Replacement of upper canine tooth with dental implant

Miss A has lost her upper canine tooth many years ago and did not opt for any tooth replacement. As a result the alveolar bone supporting the tooth has shrinked. Bone graft is placed during the dental implant procedure to increase the bone volume for better outcome of the implant. Zirconia crown is placed after 3 months when the implant is integrated with patient’s bone.

Implant placed with bone graft
Implant crown attached after 3 months

2) Replacement of 2 lower teeth with implants at same visit

Multiple implants can be placed at a single visit to reduce chair time and overall treatment duration too.

3) Immediate implant with custom cap (healing abutment)

This is a case of immediate implant which Miss D came to our clinic with a fractured root canal treated tooth. Tooth extraction is done, and at the same visit, dental implant is placed in immediately. In this way no additional implant surgery is needed, which means less pain and the quicker our patient can get her dental implant crown inserted! Immediate implant might not be suitable for all cases and need to be determined by our dentist for the suitability.

immediate implant placed at the "hole" created after tooth extraction of the unsavable tooth
"cap" (custom healing abutment) placed to seal off the socket

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